OUR MISSION: To develop the cooperative sector such as it serves its members equitably, efficiently and empowers them economically.

Responsibilities of RCA 


The main responsibilities of RCA shall be the following:

1° implementing Government policy in matters relating to cooperative organizations;

2° registering cooperative organizations and assigning to them legal personality;

3° regulating and supervising cooperative organizations including the national cooperative unions, federations and confederations;

4° setting standards and formulate professional ethics for prudent management of cooperative organizations;

5° supervising of implementation of laws and instructions governing cooperatives;

6° promoting the cooperative organizations sector;

7° assisting cooperative organizations in their capacity building through training and seminars of its members and managers;

8° promoting business entrepreneurship in the cooperative organizations sector;

9° encouraging the cooperative movement to take advantage of investment opportunities at national, regional and international levels;

10° carrying out research and studies on cooperative organizations matters and ensuring their publication;

11° advising the Government on elaborating the national policies and strategies in relation with cooperative organizations;

12° ensuring the application of laws governing cooperative organizations and other laws that cooperative organizations are requested to observe;

13° developing good relations and collaborating with other agencies carrying out similar missions at both regional and international levels.


OUR VISION: To promote an automous and economically viable cooperative movement founded on the cooperative values and principles and is able to enhance social integration and uplifting the standard of living of its members.