Requirements for registering


  • Constituent general assembly resolution
  • List of cooperative leaders (board members, supervisory committee, credit committee in case of SACCO)
  • List of cooperative members
  • Articles of Association
  • Internal regulations
  • Proof of payment for registration fees
  • Oath of leaders


Detailed steps:

  • Cooperative apply for legal personality at sector level.
  • Sector Cooperative Officer(SCO) assesses the application and may decide to visit the cooperative. The sector has 7 days to approve the application.
  • Once approved, the application is moved to the district. The District Cooperative Officer(DCO) assesses (review) the application. If approved, provisional legal personality is issued. The district has 15 days to approve, request further information, or reject the application.
    act RegistrationCooperativeSCODCORCAStartPrepare the required documentApply for Legal PersonalityIs the applicationcomplete?Review theApplicationIs applicationvalid?Issue provisionallegal personalityReview the applicationIssue Final Legal PersonalityEndYesNoNoYes
  • After district approval, the application is moved to RCA.
  • RCA request approval from BNR in case of SACCO’s application
  • If RCA approve, legal personality is provided, otherwise the application is sent back for rectification. In case of rejection, comment might be provided.